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The perfect tenant does exist

Let us pay the rent


Let us pay the rent...

At Teal Door Hosting, we manage properties across Tampa Bay, furnish and outfit them to our exacting standards, and host carefully screened business and leisure travelers.

Reliable, responsible, and proven, Teal Door Hosting is the ideal tenant. We thoroughly screen all our guests, and our professional cleaning and maintenance teams clean and inspect your place after each stay. Traditional property managers may visit a property twice a year to give you updates. We visit your property after each guest to clean and inspect, ensuring you are always informed of the current status of your property. Those slow drips under the sink turn into quick savings because we stop damages before they happen.

Because we believe in transparency, you'll be given access to an owners portal that allows you to see, in real-time, exactly how your property is doing each month. You'll be able to see which days are booked and exactly how much you've earned. You'll never worry about rent payments either because we direct deposit your earnings each month on-time!

Whether you're looking to diversify your portfolio with Short Term Rentals or just looking for passive income to fuel an early retirement, we have extensive knowledge in this market and can make your investment dreams a reality.


How it works



We hand-select our Premier Listings based on their fit with the overall Teal Door Hosting portfolio—unique, attractive, secure, comfortable, and located in the most desirable neighborhoods.


We make sure that each property we take on complies with local rental laws, and we remit all applicable taxes on your behalf.


We have great relationships with Tampa's top influencers and interior designers and coordinate furnishing and decor so your property is sure to reflect your good taste. Plus, professional photoshoots are included in the package.


Each guest is thoroughly screened by our professional concierges, and we've partnered with leaders in the field to continually improve fraud prevention.


We ensure commercial-grade insurance policies are underwritten specifically for each listing, just in case.


Our housekeeping team cleans your property regularly and immediately reports any maintenance issues or damage using our management app, guaranteeing any problems will be taken care of right away.


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